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“We are extremely excited and proud to partner with OBO the world’s leading goalkeeper kit provider. There is an obvious synergy between Fortitude and OBO catering for all levels of goalkeeping – the very best in coaching and equipment. OBO have always been at the forefront of innovation, pioneering the use of foam and making goalkeeping cool. The old adage “look good – feel good” comes to mind and the confidence you can get from kit which fits perfectly, protects you and comes in so many colourways can only enhance your goalkeeping performance. We love goalkeeping and love the connections we make with all of the fantastic goalkeepers in the UK and around the world. Your training needs are with us, supported by OBO and we look forward to the partnership for years to come to support your needs. It is a great opportunity for everyone.”

Tom Millington - Head Coach & Co-Founder, Fortitude UK Ltd.

For more information about Obo and their fantastic products, visit their website at:

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